Rimage RVP Video Copy Protection

VCS is proud to offer our customers the latest version of Rimage Video Protect™ anti-rip technology for creating copy protected DVDs.

Rimage Video Protect (RVP) is a fully integrated copy management option for DVD video. RVP offers an optimized combination of strong DVD copy protection with very high playback compatibility. Copy controlled discs have full DVD player playability matching that of unprotected DVD-R’s while menus, special features and extras remain unaffected. The original media content is not modified and playback quality remains unaffected. Video copy protection is achieved by introducing copy control encapsulation in areas of the disc that are not read by DVD players during playback. RVP by Rimage is a passive software solution that encapsulates data files on a DVD disc causing access to the content by common ripping programs to be controlled. No software is ever installed on the playback PC.

Key Rimage Video Protect™ (RVP) Features

High Protection Levels: Designed to stop all but the most aggressive hackers. RVP has been successfully tested against a wide range of commonly available DVD ripping tools.
Extremely High Playback Compatibility: Proven by Intellikey Labs to have nearly perfect playback compatibility.
Passive Protection: RVP’s DVD copy controls take up a small portion of the DVD storage capacity and are written in areas of the disc that are not read during playback. No software is ever installed when using a PC as a DVD playback device.

If you are interested in adding copy protection to your DVDs, please call VCS at 800-553-3616 and speak to one of our knowledgeable associates today!

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